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Shared Rooms Badge Hell Yea! Why So Shady? HIT ME UP! Rave Speaker 1 Rave Speaker 2 Bleeding Heart Exclusive IFLY - My Xmas gift to you! Thanks for all the support! Koala Love Green Beer Exclusive St Patty Frog Exclusive Easter Chick Exclusive Easter Bunny Exclusive Youre So Cute Junk Food Cube Spoil Me Chrome Comma 1 Black Chrome Ampersand! get the full set at PID number 44707054 Life and Death Oreo Lava Cake Neapolitan Ice Cream Neon Beer Candy! Chrome Comma 2 I used to be sane but then I joined IMFU! SUPREME! Pizza obv Tonight were gonna party like its 2019! Thanks for another great year of badges on IMVU from MCB Do You Love Me? Naughty The Not Me Monster Did It Ships In The Night We are ONE Partners for Life So So HOT Santa Native Paw You Say it/s your Birthday..On your special day, I wish you peace, love, insight, relaxation, fun, knowledge, romance, friendship and all that stuff that doesn/t cost anything. Birthday wish for you is that you continue to love life and never stop dreaming..May beauty and happiness surround you..not only on your special day..but always... !!!Sher/s Birthday Wish..Have a wonderful birthday...I wish your every day to be filled with lots of love..laughter..happiness and the warmth of sunshine.. Sturgis Baby..ASS..Gas..or Grass..Nobody Rides Free..Good Girls Go to Heaven..Bad Girls Go to Sturgis URR Badge Free Animated Star 3 No Nonsense! Girl Code My Best Friend Not Big Enough! Real Love Exists I Run Imvu Neon Martini 4 Badge Factory LOLLERSKATES Free Animated Star 4 Happily Taken No Time for Negativity Free Animated Star 5 Donuts! Heres some donuts and all I ask of you is that you check out my homepage and new badges! Enjoy Beauty in the World Free Animated Star 6 Sublime Free Random Badge Love and Hate Neon Martini 3 Red Heart 2 Mario Block My Circle Bad Decisions Red Heart 1 Life is Pain Neon Wine Glass Shut Up! I CAN NOT ADULT! Truth and Lies Vibes! panda cupcake Muddingprinces Awesome Autumnssun A MAGNICIFENT MAN The bluebird. I love my pet(s)!