• Toyz

  • I am Toyz the creator of this magical site called Badge Directory, I created this playground with the idea in my mind to index every possible badge in IMVU into a gaint searchable database for users to find and enjoy them.

    Each badge was indexed using a complex program that uses machine learning to learn the most common things to find in badges, this information the bot uses is based on your searches! As more people use the site the more the program learns to what people like. As it learns to see what you like it can expand it's searching...

    Along those lines I also outside of Badge Directory work as a sub-contractor engineer for a Medical officer in my local city and write medical software which they use in a production area daily, I also write, update, and work on all there projects including there network and website.

    And for the hell of it below is possible one the best song I have every heard :D