Masquerade Indexed Badges

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  • 1
  • Non-Grantable:
  • 51
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  • 735

Apple of my Eye

Masquerade Madness

Romance Pirate Skull

Skull Buccaneer and his Bucko

Victorian Masquerade Mask

Blue Lipstick

PBSS Peach

Sea Water Hourglass 1

Sea Water Hourglass 3

mspayday purple

Sierra Pink

Sea Water Hourglass 4

Sea Water Hourglass 2

SqueakyLass Fire and Ice

Blue Mask

Ship in a Bottle

Clean up your mess! Love, Mother

Bleeding Heart

I Love Art

Curse of the Leviathan

Rogue Angel of the Seas

Phantasmal Masquerade

Esaunas Steampunk

Steampunk Mask

Chuck and Stella

Masked Cicero Steampunk Kitty

Purple Masquerade Mask

Emerald Mask

Aye Aye Captain

Pirate Telescope

Halloween Cat

Witch Boot Bubbles

Mermaid Mayhem

Masq Munster

Mobys Moon

Golden Masq

Mermaid Couture Part 1

Touch My Loot, Feel My Boot

Pinky Blood Piratesses-Retired

Muerte Escarlata

I Can Swim Underwater

Mermaid Kisses Starfish Wishes

Mystical Masquerade

Not so pure Snow White

Masked Madge Easter Bunny

American Flag Mask

Eye Specimen Jar

Vada Voodoo Doll