G33K Indexed Badges

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  • 8
  • Non-Grantable:
  • 28
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Geek Scrabble


Tish Badge Pt1

Take it off..

Pink Leaf

Purple Leaf

You look so pretty

Tish Badge Pt2

5FDP Knuckles

Super Geek Pt1

Super Geek Pt2


Pink Love Quill

Super Geek Pt3

Tinas Skelebunny

Special Lingo

Tish Badge Pt3

Freak In The Sheets [4k]

Me + U = <3

Aussie Pou

Black n Pink Flipflops

Despicable Me Unicorn Bear

Batman Minion

You Paint G33Ks Heart Electric Lemon

Lady In The Streets

Team Daryl

Oreo Twinsicle

I want it filthy

Frozen Friends

Tish Collar

Batman ~ Superman

Hulk Minion

Joker Minion

Jack Skellington badge!

Starry Nights Badge

Batty Cake (free for October)