MzGigi Indexed Badges

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"RJ Froggie" - Insero Azure Muscus Pocket Frog

Igneous Black Caelus Pocket Frog

Moth Costume Teddy Bear

Have a "grape" day!

Badge Love

Mummy Costume Teddy Bear

Take Me Away - Blue

Love You to the Moon and Back

Steampunk Jeweled Skull

Evil Zombie Ice Cream Cone

Paint My Heart - Olive Green

Poison Me Elegantly - Purple

Genie in a Bottle - Blue

Paint My Heart - Midnight Blue

Halloween Spider - Orange

Present - Blue

Christmas Bulb - Green

Black Butterfly

LOVE Bubbles

Candy Corn Elixir

Christmas Lamp Post

Fairy Tale Carriage

Spider Web

Wreck-It Ralph

Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway!

Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway!!

Snorkeling Summer Fun

Grind Up My Heart - Turquoise


Deserve Love

Country Wedding

Angel Heart Staff

Love Potion


Batty Minions - Blue

Kiss from a Rose

Sealed with a Kiss


Pumpkin Candle - Black

Snail Love

Santa and Rudolph

Eskimo Kisses

Eiffel Tower in my Jar - Silver

Mushroom House

Bedtime Bear - CareBear

Forever Couple

Believe in Fairies

Rainy Day