SpyroDragon Indexed Badges

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  • 6
  • Non-Grantable:
  • 105
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  • 1,246

Rainbow Cloud - 1 (Changeable AutoGrant)

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cloud - 2 (Changeable AutoGrant)

Meow outer space

Finn and Jake

The Siren

Magical Dreams

Kawaii heart

Yummy Treat

Avada Kedavra


Rainbow Butterfly


Kitty donuts

I donut care

Make a wish

Magical Unicorn

Cake and Donut

Haunted Graveyard

Cute Devil


Gothic Coffin

Best Friends

Boo Cutie

Oops, you died!

Lil dream jumper

Sweet Desserts

Make a wish - Prt 2

Devil Kisses

Neko Tower

Neko girls

Cat Nap

Neko girls - Part 2

Sweet Desserts - Part 2

Golden Trio

Cat Nap - part 2

Horns and Roses

Animal friends

Neko party


Kawaii kitty machine

I donut care - Part 2

Creamy Delight


I hate you SO much

Finn Mikaelson

Cute as Hell

Catch a snitch