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Music Is Life

Drop Beats!

You Know Where To Go II

You Know Where To Go

Want Me




All Night Long

Good Girl Bad Girl

The Best!

Dont Hate Me Cuz You Aint Me!

When In Doubt

Turn The Music Up

Priority or Option 2

Priority or Option 3

Ego 1

Ego 2

Boss Bitch

Priority or Option 1

My Sweetest Downfall

Ego 3

Ego 4

Cant Febreze BS

Priority or Option 4

No Haters



Actions Speak

Fans In Denial

Louder Than Words

It Is What It Is

Fight For What You Love

Hold Me Tight

Buckle Up

You Cant Overdose On Music

Love Is Blind

Cut Ties.. Pt. I


Cut Ties.. Pt. II

Wink ;)

Be A Good One

Choose Me

Cut Ties.. Pt. III

Once In A Lifetime

100% Brat

His Princess

IHYSFM .. I really do!