Take Me With You

Creator, Evelynn IMVU

Drip on me & fill me with your love!

Creator, Boudica IMVU

I Just Want To Be With YOU! Constantly

Creator, 1oveRainbowSunshine IMVU

If I Was In Real Life With You I Would Stay With Y...

Creator, 1oveRainbowSunshine IMVU

HAPPY!! Bunny Free In Garden With Butterfly Friend...

Creator, 1oveRainbowSunshine IMVU

Swimming In Coral PARADISE With My True LOVE Best ...

Creator, 1oveRainbowSunshine IMVU

Dark Valentine..It/s hard asking someone with a br...

Creator, SherAV IMVU

Made With Love Set 2

Creator, QueenDayzieBryton IMVU

Within Temptation

Creator, ChiChiSouls IMVU

Merc with a Mouth

Creator, EnvysNo1 IMVU

Birthday Wish-Have a wonderful birthday. I wish y...

Creator, SherAV IMVU

Neila paints you with fREAKyLOVE because ...

Creator, NeilasSweetAZ IMVU

HE showersME withLOVE !

Creator, NeilasSweetAZ IMVU

Toy With My Heart

Creator, PistolPixie IMVU

Safe With Me

Creator, MrsB IMVU

Drip on me & Fill me with your love !

Creator, DrakeCorsaro IMVU

With this ring.

Creator, FloralNomad IMVU

Dance With Me

Creator, Alexandrea IMVU

Grown with love

Creator, idc IMVU

Valentino..Nobody will ever win the battle of the ...

Creator, SherAV IMVU

Beauty is Within

Creator, TeriTorch IMVU

Clarkey, the flame within

Creator, Clarkey IMVU

Mess up my bed with me!

Creator, SherAV IMVU



With Love,

Creator, Calamitous IMVU