You and Me Forever

Creator, AricanaKavis 2/0 IMVU

Forever His

Creator, JADlTH 6/3 IMVU

Ready For The Apocalypse

Creator, Vanatei 4/55 IMVU

Ready For The Apocalypse.

Creator, Vanatei 4/55 IMVU

Love For Cupcakes

Creator, BESH0S 105/523 IMVU

Forever Alone

Creator, DkzJoker 2/0 IMVU


Creator, Khaleeci 2/0 IMVU

Worth fighting for 2

Creator, Buff 3/138 IMVU

Worth fighting for 1

Creator, Buff 3/138 IMVU

Konoha Military Police Force

Creator, Gou 10/0 IMVU

MsDianak Forever Badge

Creator, MsDianaK 5/0 IMVU

Forever Devine I2

Creator, DevineSuperman 0/38 IMVU

Forever Devine S

Creator, DevineSuperman 0/38 IMVU

Forever Devine G

Creator, DevineSuperman 0/38 IMVU

Take a look in my catalogue, add things to your wi...

Creator, M0LLY 3/0 IMVU

Forever Together!

Creator, RichardJGrayson 0/1 IMVU

Arcade Fortune

Creator, Nami 0/76 IMVU


Creator, Simi 0/10 IMVU


Creator, 0oMidNightRaino0 0/2 IMVU

That kind of Mistake u can Never forget..

Creator, POlSON 1/138 IMVU

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned

Creator, Vampira 0/21 IMVU

too shy for the world

Creator, Blossom 2/99 IMVU

Mittens"Thank you adult mittens, for allowing me ...

Creator, SherAV 72/419 IMVU

Snow Forest in a Jar

Creator, Ance 0/7 IMVU

for the love of sistas

Creator, DeepsSassySun 1/0 Disabled